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Fees & Schedule

We prepare a proposal/engagement letter that outlines our fee and time requirements. We typically bill on an hourly basis with a maximum fee. Kevin's hourly rate is the highest, and other staff members' time is billed at lower hourly rates. We make every attempt to be efficient with our work and use staff members with lower hourly rates whenever possible.

Our delivery schedule typically ranges from 2 to 6 months, although there are some cases where pre-existing data may allow us to deliver an appraisal report in less than two months.

We have many repeat clients because we are extremely reliable in delivering reports within the time frame promised.

For smaller assignments, we typically work on a flat-fee basis.

We welcome inquiries involving potential consultations or appraisal assignments. 

We also welcome telephone calls requesting information on water rights or other appraisal issues. However, a minimum fee may apply for any advice or information given over the phone. If a telephone consultation is desired, please contact our office for a rate quote and to schedule a call.

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