Our Specialties

Land valuation in the modern west requires an understanding of a myriad of factors influencing value. Kevin McCarty has unparalleled experience with land use and natural resource issues in the west. This experience has led to a diverse business, providing appraisal and consultation services for the valuation of land and natural resources. The wide array of assignments has proven to be a fertile training ground for the associate appraisers.


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Conservation Easement Appraisals »

Conservation Easement on Platted Development Land - Weld County, COMcCarty Land & Water Valuation is known for preparing high-quality, defensible reports. The company has shifted its emphasis from condemnation appraisal work to conservation easement work during the past ten years.

Water Rights »

Water Rights AppraisalsWe have conducted water rights appraisals in Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming and New Mexico . The bulk of our work has been in the South Platte and Arkansas Basins.

Water Storage »

Water Rights AppraisalsOur company has appraised over 30 lined gravel pits in the past 15 years.

We have been closely involved with gravel producers and water providers as this market evolved over the past two decades.

Transitional Farmland »

Farm Appraisals - Eastern Colorado A significant portion of our work in recent years has been the appraisal of transitional farms along the Northern Front Range. These farms are transitioning from true commercial operations to hobby farms, low-density residential land uses and, in many cases, to higher-density urban uses.

Recreational and Working Ranches »

Recreational and Working Ranch - Carbon County, WY McCarty Land & Water has conducted numerous recreational and working ranch appraisals in recent years. Many of these appraisals have been for purposes of placing conservation easements on properties.

Recreational Lakes and Rivers »

Recreational Lakes and RiversMcCarty Land & Water has appraised numerous recreational lakes. We have also conducted detailed studies on trout fishing streams, including recent comprehensive studies on fishing values in the North Platte and Yampa Basins.

Gravel Resources »

Gravel Appraisals - South Platte and Arkansas Basins Our company has conducted more than 100 assignments involving gravel resources in the past decade, most of which have been in the South Platte and Arkansas Basins. 

Agricultural Properties »

Agricultural Economics While McCarty Land & Water is involved with studying many different non-agricultural land uses, we also have a firm grasp on agricultural land use economics.

Condemnation/Litigation »

Condemnation/LitigationMcCarty Land & Water has been involved in a large number of condemnation projects over the years, working both for condemning authorities and for landowners.

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