About Us


A large portion of our work involves producing extensive narrative appraisal reports. Our reports are well written, and we make extensive use of graphics and photography. We maintain high standards of quality control. This includes having an experienced journalist on staff. 

 McCarty Land & Water attempts to properly utilize all appropriate approaches to value when conducting appraisals. Our experience, techniques and networking with other appraisers all help to create appraisal reports that stand out from the rest.


McCarty Land & Water provides consultation services in situations where pre-existing information allows us to provide sufficient guidance to clients. Some consultations may also involve new research. 

A large portion of our consultation work involves conservation easements and water rights.


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Kevin McCarty »

Kevin McCarty grew up on a farm near Dodge City, Kansas. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Kansas State University and a Master's Degree in Resource Geography from Oregon State University. He began his 30 year appraisal career with the Kansas Department of Revenue. He also served as the Sherman County Assessor in Goodland, Kansas.

Shiloh Wittler »

Shiloh Wittler grew up in Baca County, Colorado. He received his Master's Degree in Integrated Resource Management from Colorado State in 2013. He is working towards his ARA designation from the ASFMRA.


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