What We Do


A large portion of our work involves producing extensive narrative appraisal reports. Our reports are well written, and we make extensive use of graphics and photography. We maintain high standards of quality control. This includes having an experienced journalist on staff. 

McCarty Land & Water attempts to properly utilize all appropriate approaches to value when conducting appraisals. Our experience, techniques and networking with other appraisers all help to create appraisal reports that stand out from the rest.


McCarty Land & Water provides consultation services in situations where pre-existing information allows us to provide sufficient guidance to clients. Some consultations may also involve new research. 

A large portion of our consultation work involves conservation easements and water rights.


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Our Specialties »

Land valuation in the modern west requires an understanding of a myriad of factors influencing value. Kevin McCarty has unparalleled experience with land use and natural resource issues in the west. This experience has led to a diverse business, providing appraisal and consultation services for the valuation of land and natural resources. The wide array of assignments has proven to be a fertile training ground for the associate appraisers.

Geographic Experience »

Appraisal Standards »

McCarty Land & Water Valuation makes every attempt to meet the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. Each appraiser keeps current on USPAP education, helping us to keep abreast of any changes to these standards.

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